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How to manage users & their extended profiles?

  • Hey Guys,

    One of hte main reasons of running buddypress is to create a community, and hence a central point of management is required. Can anybody help guiding me on how to write a plugin / or point me to one if exists, which helps you manage your users from WP admin interface?

    What I have in mind a user profiles manager plugin, which once you browse to, you see a table with all users listed there including the extended profile fields that we create for them. Once you click on a user you can view their full details, and while at it it would be awesome if you can activate / deactivate users from this view. Finally, an export function which outputs the whole user profiles list into an excel sheet.

    I checked through phpMyAdmin, and it seems that wordpress divides the data into multiple tables, so you have your main users table which has basic details, then you have xprofile table which has the additional fields you created, but it seems that even if you need to get column titles for your table for the fields of xprofile, you need to get them from a third table.

    If this is all true, the logic in my head is to query the database based on userID, then match with ID on xprofiles and merge. For fields titles, probably a separate query which creates the first row which has titles in the same logic?

    Anybody can help with script please? :)


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  • paulhastings0


    Whilst I don’t know exactly what you want to do, you could consider using the bp_has_members() template loop?

    Boone Gorges


    @mazen @djpaul‘s advice is good, you should use bp_has_members()

    You might want to have a look at a plugin I wrote called BP Group Management which creates a similar sort of admin panel, except for groups.

    Awesome guys, thanks a lot for all your replies, I will go through these and post back feedback. @djpaul @boobebgorges @paulhastings0


    @boonebgorges thanks for your response and plugin link, in terms of functionality it is almost exactly what I need, only:
    – Need it to manage users instead of groups
    – Need it to show their full profile fields (including xprofile)
    – Need options to deactivate(very important) or delete users
    – Need function to export list to excel sheet

    Boone Gorges


    I’d like to develop this at some point, but it won’t happen for the next month or two because of other obligations. Please feel free to hack away at my code until then!

    @boonebgorges thanks. Please let me know once you do, I am happy to be your first donator for that plugin ;)

    In the meantime, I will commence hacking.




    Streamlined member management should have been a core feature of Buddypress. Thanks for picking this up.

    I am currently working on a user management plugin. It is still early days, but I have already implemented an initial version on a client’s website….



    @Meini – I’m curious if you ever got anywhere with this user management plugin. I’m managing an older installation of WP/BP an need exactly the functionality you discuss here. I need to find users based on a certain xprofile field, but manage (deactivate) them via the WordPress admin. Do you have a plugin available I could look at? Thanks.



    I am looking for this user management ability as well. Is there a solution yet?

    I would also love something like this, I just posted something similar in a different area. Not sure how I missed this thread. It is a bit disappointing that the great user management features of WordPress don’t work with BuddyPress.



    Same here! I’d love to be able to use the great functionality of WordPress Users along with Buddypress and am quite surprised that I’m not seeing how to do this yet. I’d like to hear from others.

    Sorry guys for some reason I don’t get emails sent to me when there is activity in my groups and I haven’t been too active here for a while. I have made a start and produced something usable, but haven’t worked on it for a while, so I would like to make this code available to anyone who is interested to expand on it. I managed to implement a feature to force users to complete mandatory fields in their profile if they haven’t done so.

    Help yourselves…

    Have fun … :)

    Jenny Beaumont


    @Meini, just tried to download your files, link is not working.

    Anyone else made progess on this? Seems like such a fundamental idea, can’t believe it doesn’t exist already! Am hoping future version of Buddypress work to add a more seamless interface btwn WordPress and Buddypress.




    Anybody? I downloaded and installed this last one but the fields dont match up and the user name is missing to edit from. This is a MUST have!!!

    Brian Bowman


    I’ve added extended fields per buddypress’s capabilities; however, they don’t show up in my registration process….any idea why not and what I need to do about it:

    Here is a completed profile where someone actually went back into their EDIT PROFILE and finished adding all the data:

    Yet, even then – not all the REQUIRED fields are showing up on EDIT mode.

    And here is the URL to register…and you can see that just a small bit of those initial fields actually during a new registration process – and my REQUIRED fields don’t show up either:

    Any ideas what I’m doing wrong? I’m asking this here because I’m getting zero responses after 3 weeks in the HOW-TO section having asked the same questions and this can’t be that hard to answer….

    Much thanks.



    HI, I am a recent transfer website owner from I have a community there, and i’m moving this weekend to the WP platform. I have many questions, that I can’t really seem to find the specific answers to. The plug-in that this user spoke of (The features and more) can buddypress really manage a social community like the ning platform, and what about other features? Here’s what the user wrote:

    @boonebgorges thanks for your response and plugin link, in terms of functionality it is almost exactly what I need, only:
    – Need it to manage users instead of groups
    – Need it to show their full profile fields (including xprofile)
    – Need options to deactivate(very important) or delete users
    – Need function to export list to excel sheet

    I need similar functions in a plug-in and need to know whats the BEST plugin or what combination of plug-ins will give me the features for a membership community that I want, members want, and that are essentially need to maintain a viable members community. Here is what I need as far as features and functionality:

    -Secured membership registration and login seprate from WP admin. So members CAN’T access the backend of my admin panel.

    -After they join they are sent to their members profile page to add a bio, photos, videos, music, etc..and everything post in their profile page, and in the community videos, photos, and music display like on a youtube page or gallery style. I also, need profiles that look more custom instead of simple layouts or designs. This is a BIG problem we had with our ning platform. Wish we could offer up to 6 or more profile page templates for members to choose from, complete with comments and a better layout for uploaded videos, photos, music (In a player on profile.)

    -Members display in a four/five accross…four/five down style grid instead of up and down like a list.

    -Search for members, based on attributes or career choice or find all member in a certain category.

    -Want a upload feature on whatever page or place I designate for members to upload content like videos, music, photos.

    -Add paywalls on whatever page I need to, for the purpose of selling premium content to members.

    -Add featured profile/members and delete/block members at will.

    -Don’t want to use multisite plug in if I don’t half to. Rater not use it.

    Any help here, or a push in the right direction with plug-ins for buddypress please let me know. Thanks in advance good people. Blessings.



    Almost forgot…I was looking at Marketpress to use on the site. Will this allow a new member or existing member to open up their “Own Store” complete with a link address to their page within MY Network Website, and keep profile options and registration abilities. Really don’t want people to have to join WP to register and join my web community. Thanks again.

    Sean Infinitee


    I am also a bit annoyed finding out this is not a built-in capability of BuddyPress as after months of developing and tweaking my site, I’m finally ready to launch only to hit this huge roadblock during user registration beta testing!

    Similar to the above, my site is a DJ and fan based members only community, which I have an approval mechanism setup and account registration types to be approved as a DJ. In order to approve new DJ profile submissions efficiently I need admins to easily be able to review profile details to see if it meets all criteria before approving.  I thought I would be able to manage this simply in the WP admin panel having purchased the BP User Account Type Pro plugin and using BP registration options, but apparently not so.  And judging by the fact that noone’s really responded to the requests above I don’t anticipate getting an an answer anytime soon, but per chance someone is willing or able to assist or point me in the right direction, would appreciate any help or hacks I might be able to use to accomplish this as soon as possible!!

    I know some html, have been learning css on the fly, and no real working knowledge of php, but clever enough to have figured most things out with firebug up to this point.  Really hoping there’s something already developed out there though. Other than this forum the folks I’ve spoken to about WP haven’t got any knowledge of BuddyPress so I’m gonna be pretty disappointed if I can’t get an any help from my only resource here and have to shell out $$ to pay someone to develop something that should be a given based on the BuddyPress framework, conceptually speaking.


    Thanks in advance for any assistance you can provide!!






    Ben Hansen


    i think 2 plugins every popular buddypress site should have are:

    User Role Editor WordPress plugin – Change roles easily


    hope that helps!



    I have juste released my own plugin BP Force Profile :

    Thank you for your help !

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