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How to mass delete pending users – 1 million users (I already did phpmyadmin)

  • juliantrueflynn


    I am just getting onboard for a client’s site and they have around 1 million pending users. Typically I would just flush them all but it’s actually a popular site and there’s a lot of real people signing up. Part of the reason for so many is this client didn’t have a developer for awhile and there was an issue with people not being sent activation email (now fixed with plugin).

    I already went through the database with phpmyadmin and flushed all the bad email ones. This was from the wp_user table.

    I can only delete about 900 a time in the WordPress front in and it takes a couple minutes loading time each time.

    Site info:
    Buddypress Version 2.1.1
    WordPress 4.0.1
    Using Firmasite theme (bootstrap)

    Everything else seems to be working fine and there’s no other issues with the database. I haven’t edited any core files in WP/BP.

    Thank you

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  • juliantrueflynn


    Nevermind, found out from researching more on WordPress databases that for these pending accounts you should go into “wp_signups” database (they’re stored in 2 places). Then with phpmyadmin I am searching that table and deleting anyone using spammy emails.

    Henry Wright


    Yeah, see here for details of the wp_signups table.

    You may also be interested in these links:

    BuddyPress database description

    BuddyPress Database Diagram

    WordPress database description



    Might also look into –

    I have used that to resend activations, the plugin description says it can “deleting their pending registrations,” – but not sure if that means is removes them from the database or whatever.. I have not tried using it in that manner. This plugin might also limit the amount of users you can mess with to 20 or 40 at a time – so it may be too tedious to do what you need anyhow. Haven’t played with it a while, and not sure if it’s been updated to add new functions since I used.

    Others finding this thread may benefit from that plugin, or not – just a thought.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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