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How to move BP from wildcard subdomain to “real” subdomain?

  • zenseeker


    I would like to move our buddypress site. This is the scenario: We have bp running on a subdomain with multisite enabled on the main site. Our main site is . Buddypress is on subdomain . I understand from my hosting service, hostgator, that buddypress is using a wild card subdomain. I want to move it to a “real” (for lack of a better word) subdomain also called . Will I have any problems if I move it like I would a regular wordpress install? Of course on the “real” subdomain there will be a fresh install of wordpress. My goal is to have buddypress completely independent of our main site – separate wordpress install, separate database, etc. It’s a pretty active community so we want to ensure we don’t lose any data. We need to disable multisite/buddypress on our main site due to a conflict with an important membership plugin. Thanks in advance.

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  • Ron Rennick


    As long as you make a complete backup of the user, usermeta & BP tables and restore those to your single site you should be ok. (Export & import the blog content, of course).

    You will need to update the wp_x_* user meta keys to be wp_* in the usermeta table.



    Thanks Ron. I’ll try it on my dummy site. Sounds a lot easier than what I had conjured up in my mind.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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