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How To Move From Peepso Or Other Platform To BuddyPress

  • binkley50


    BuddyPress has been around forever I now have learned and offers a ton of amazing features. It is a powerful social networking plugin for a wordpress website. What if say a friend of mine or (dumb self) started a website and grew a descent group of people using an alternative like peepso or one of the other lesser quality plugins and then realized their stupid mistake and would like to go mainstream with the Fantastic Buddy Press. Is There An Easy Way To Convert To Buddy Press From Peepso?

    Let’s say my friend was running the latest version of wordpress version 4.8.2 and would be installing Buddy Presses latest release. How difficult would it be to have groups and photos and friends lists etc port over to Buddy Press? Is it even doable? I have searched everywhere looking for a way to move from Peepso To Buddy Press with no luck in the docs anywhere.

    Thank you for you support.

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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