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How to override member directory output

  • Phlux0r


    I need to add more profile info in the member directory listing so I created my own member-directory.php in my theme folder with the added fields and that works fine.

    However, when I use the Alphabetic filter, the ajax brings back the list without my extra fields. I implemented my own ajax member directory action in bp_custom.php and that also works however I can’t find a way to disable the default buddypress ajax action which gets executed as well causing output problems.

    So, the question to Andy :) is how to best override the Ajax bit?? I will also need to do this for the blog directory.

    Finally, I will need to sort the list by several pieces of info from the profile. There doesn’t seem to be a straight-forward way to achieve this, or am I wrong?

    Cheers :).

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