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How to override member-header.php?

  • edwingraves


    I know the answer to this is probably very simple, so please bear with me.

    I’m attempting to override how member-header.php displays using a child theme I made of Customizr.

    The problem I’m having is that everything I search online seems to conflict or just not work.

    For example there’s a member-header.php file inside of the buddypress plugin, at:

    • buddypress/bp-templates/bp-nouveau/buddypress/members/single/member-header.php
    • buddypress/bp-templates/bp-legacy/buddypress/members/single/member-header.php
    • buddypress/bp-themes/bp-default/buddypress/members/single/member-header.php

    The instructions I’ve found online, of other people trying to do this, say to simply create a folder structure like this: /wp-content/themes/mytheme/buddypress/members/single/member-header.php

    I attempted to do this and make edits, but they were never reflected back to the page. If it did work, which of the three above files would I use as my base? Why are there even three locations for this?

    On the actual buddypress documentation site, this isn’t really mentioned and instead the 1.8 documentation talks about overriding specific user ids, groups, or using an index.php. The 1.7 documentation does mention overriding via folder structure but the examples aren’t in-depth.

    Should I just abandon this and instead do everything via hook overrides? I’m just really confused as to what the modern solution is because I’ve done this back in the day and it wasn’t such a hassle. I feel like I’m missing something simple and I’d sincerely appreciate it if anyone could shed light on the problem.

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  • edwingraves


    Edit doesn’t work, so I guess I’ll reply to my own post. Apparently the change I’m looking for resides in cover-image-header.php. Making edits there works fine. This still doesn’t answer why there are so many templates and themes inside of buddypress or why there’s such redundancy in code between files or why the documentation is so poor.

    Then again, the Edit link on your own website doesn’t work, so I’m just going to chalk it all up to “BuddyPress being BuddyPress”.



    Look at the bp-templates as pre-made themes for Buddypress pages. You can figure out what you’re currently using through your WordPress dashboard > settings > buddypress > options > template pack.

    Legacy was the old templating system for Buddypress and a lot of websites still use it. Other new Buddypress installations use Nouveau which is now the default.

    So in short, they’re not removing legacy due to many sites still using it, bp-default is there as a fallback should the other two fail and Nouveau is the current templating system for Buddypress.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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