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How to place buddybar into navigation widget

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    Hey could someone please tell me how to take the links found in the buddybar at the top of the page and instead have them in the navigation panel (where logout or login) widgets are?

    For example:

    The default wordpress theme has many of its navigational links to the right side of the blog or page. But, the buddybar is always at the top of the page, and the buddybar doesn’t scroll down with the page as the page is being scrolled. Which basically means that the buddybar will most likely be missed by most people navigating a website.

    Placing the buddybar at the top of the page was probably not the best idea, as most people navigate a website from a navigational panel/widget area, typically on the left or right side of a website.

    I have tried copying the buddybar’s panel’s actual links, and tried to incorporate each link (profiles, groups, blogs, etc) into the widget areas of the navigational panels. But, each user has his/her own links associated to their account name? So, obviously that idea won’t work…

    Does anyone else have any other ideas on how to fix this situation? I mean why is the buddybar at the top of the pages anyways? I mean scroll down the page in firefox and you will notice the buddybar disappears from sight each time as the page is being scrolled…

    Look forward to anyones helpful replys.


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    I think most or all of the functionality of the buddybar is already elsewhere in the site. You don’t really need it for anything.

    Buddybar is a pest imho. I use a custom function to kill_buddybar(), that I have to put into the admin_header.php as well.

    Buddybar goes against all logic. Why force people to have that navigation bar at the top? Why not treat it like any other navigation element in BP?

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    Search for the buddybar code, look at the code and take the functions that you want.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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