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How to Properly Rearrange the Subnavigation?

  • bpisimone


    I would like to output the subnavigation (the tabs) in another place since where it is by default there’s not enough space. For example I’d like to position them in the sidebar.

    I have identified them to be wrapped in the following divs in the template.

    Now is there another way than modifiy every single php file in the template? Something that would output the menu somewhere else? I realize that this is probably not the case, but I’d love to hear how other people are/or would be handling this!

    Thanks for the suggestions.

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  • abcde666


    I do also have a similar question:

    is it possible to put those Subnavigation-Tabs (Members, Groups, Forums, etc.) into the BuddyBar at the very top ?
    Will this have any implications when being in the Dashboard ?

    Many thanks,



    I am bumping this from page 3, maybe someone out there has an idea. I also realized it has not accepted my code:

    div id item-nav
    div class item-list-tabs
    div class item-list-tabs activity-type-tabs

    I think all of these first subnav items should be outputtable by some sort of function? And it should not be necessary to remove them from every single php template file?

    Edited original post as for some reason the forums are parsing the div tags! Aargh.



    Ah thank you Paul. Hopefully it makes it more obvious what I mean.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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