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how to put wpmu in an iframe?

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    It can seem like it is a theme question, but i could not find a solution by Google. Maybe some of you can help.

    I have my application, say MyApp, which shares the db of wpmu.

    What i need is putting wpmu&bp under together with MyApp. And i have to have wpmu instance in an iframe on MyApp’s homepage.

    In MyApp i have to do everything with ajax calls, “the site should not refresh” that’s why i have to put wpmu in an iframe for using its community abilities and i have to share login information such as is_user_loggedin() function and $bp->loggedin_user_id with parent document(MyApp).

    If i use such approach: //myapp //wpmu instance

    wpmu works fine in iframe but when i make a require(wp-blog-header.php) from, i can’t get wp functions running. I don’t know if it is because of htaccess files or any other protection that wpmu has.

    I tried to write a wp-plugin but i dont have enough experience with wp plugins, can anyone show a way to achieve that.

    Any help is more than welcome.

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