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how to redirect to custom login page?

  • Masoud


    my problem is:
    for example.
    i have 2 users.
    user A
    user B

    user B, try to see something from user A’s profile. which ofcourse is not allowed to.
    so user B, will be redirected to login page. as to login and see that content (if he/she is allowed to)

    my problem is exactly here…!

    instead of getting redirect to my custom login page url. wordpress redirect that user, to default wordpress login page!
    i dont want users to see that page.
    for more info.
    i have functions which will redirect my users to my custom login/register/singup page.
    but it’s not working with buddypress.
    so i need another function for that.
    how should i solve it?
    for more information:
    here is an example of what is happening…
    user B tried to see the messages of user A (which of course is not allowed to!)
    so instaed of getting redirect to:

    the wordpress redirected to default login.

    tnx for help.
    if you need more info. tell me. and i will provide it.

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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