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How to remove those brackets ?

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  • thelandman


    I’ve searched and searched for the exact same thing…. Oh yeah and I’ve searched a bit more with no luck

    what pages? never noticed them (but might be related to jQuery+ajax)


    same here, and batch find makes no sense because brackets are also a major part of the PHP syntax. :(
    to hardcode such design-related elements is imho a sin, a css before or after trick would be much better in such cases.

    @rich! @ etiviti

    i mean the numbers in those brackets in the tabs inside of the item-header like…

    Groups (1) Messages (4) yadda yadda (9)

    Boone Gorges


    IMHO, murder is a sin. This is a little further down the scale.

    Use a custom language file to get rid of these numbers in parentheses. Look for entries like Groups <span>(%d)</span> and replace them with Groups. Eventually it would be nice to get this markup out of the core and into a template file, but in the meantime this will do the trick just fine.



    CSS is your friend!

    li a span {display:none;}

    It probably isn’t as easy as that! But it’s pretty close ;)

    @Boone Gorges

    okay i started to edit the renamed .pot file as described, after that i did a search with google for an alternative way to convert .po in .mo because it was somehow not possible to execute the msgfmt (according to the codex) command with terminal , so i found poedit, well, poedit crashed two times and there was a button with fuzzy? what? what fuzzy? and what means team language? aaaargh i just want to remove simple brackets but this is some kind of a diploma project.

    anyway! i had though luck and i’m already fed up with it.

    is here by any chance a suggest a feature/function corner?


    I wish it was all that easy. :/

    IMHO not observing separation of Mid Tier and Presentational Layers is a sin 😉 after all it’s not as though it’s some new radical concept!

    Yes it would be nice to get that sort of markup out of core, but when? really these are decisions one makes early on in an applications life.

    oh, just in order to guard against confusion:

    i’d just like to remove the “brackets” and _NOT_ the numbers inside those brackets. :)

    You would still be following the action Boone described but simply removing the ‘(‘ and ‘)’ within that span retaining the span elements and %d; although I find it hard to believe that a language file does actually contain markup and code of this description?

    Actually the code you’re looking for is to be found, for example, if you look in groups/index.php at around line 17 & 20 you’ll see:
    printf( __( 'All Groups (%s)', 'buddypress' ), bp_get_total_group_count() )

    You could simply remove those parenthesis from around the %s. Of course you would want to do this from a copy of the file as used in a child theme.

    thank’s hnla, i’ll give it a try :)

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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