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How to share the nonce between BuddyPress and bbPress

  • Greg


    I am restarting this thread because the other one has disappeared from the forum (akismet issue?). To recap, I am trying to put a call to the WP logout function in bbPress (WMPU 2.7.1, BP 1.0, BBP 1.0 RC1).

    I have verified that the nonce is what I am missing. It seems that WPMU won’t accept the logout unless the URL includes the correct nonce value.

    I have verified this by hardcoding the nonce (which only works once of course). bb_create_nonce() generates a different value, so that doesn’t work.

    So how does this forum generate the correct nonce value? Is Andy using deep integration on this site in order to call wp_create_nonce()?

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  • Yes, deep integration, then you should just be able to use the existing nonce that is generated by WordPress.



    Thanks Andy. So I need to figure out whether having the logout accessible from everywhere is important enough to incur the overhead of loading WP in bbPress.

    The BuddyPress forum seems pretty responsive, but I’m on a shared server.

    Great work on BP. Amazing what you’re empowering people to do with their sites.

    Jeff Sayre



    If your issue is resolved, please set the light to green above and we’re good to go!

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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