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How to Show a Skype Button only if it is Admin’s Profile

  • Dia Ritoch


    I am the admin of a network of writers. Since there isn’t a Skype plugin made for Buddypress, I decided to manually get the html badge for Skype button and attach it to my profile just beneath the avatar section. What I want to accomplish is, if my writers will go and view my profile, they will see the skype ‘call me’ button. This button should not be visible on a non-admin profile.

    I have been trying this code for hours now but something just isn’t right.
    php if ( bp_is_my_profile(‘1’) ) : ?>


    php endif; ?>

    I intentionally omitted the < ? so my code would show.
    It does show when my profile is viewed, but I tried logging in to other user’s account to see how it would appear, and while the entire button isn’t completely shown, the upper part of the button is showing!
    What am I doing wrong?
    Please help!

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  • Virtuali


    Well firstly, in order for the skype badge to work, you need to have the admin’s skype phone # or username defined somewhere where the badge can recognized it specifically for that admin profile.

    You will need to put the function for “user id=1” meaning “admin” within, and place accordingly :)

    Dia Ritoch


    Hi.. Thanks for the reply.
    Is this what you mean? That Instead of php if ( bp_is_my_profile(‘1?) ) : ?> I put php if ( bp_is_my_profile(“user id=1”) ) : ?>

    No worries about the Skype username.. I have configured that one out.. I just didnt show it in the code…

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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