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How to show notifications of replies to activity posts

  • Liesl Fawcett


    I looked for a plugin that did this as well as posts on here but didn’t find anything. I’m hoping to find a way to display links under ‘Notifications’ on the top admin bar when someone replies to an “update” you posted on either your profile or on a group. Users get email notifications (if they choose to in their settings) when someone replies but I’ve been told tons of times that it would be more effective to have this show up on the ‘Notifications’ section on top just like friend requests and messages. Is there a way to do this?

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  • Paul Gibbs


    Oh, you’d definitely require a plugin to do this. It doesn’t work this way out of the box. Interesting idea.

    Liesl Fawcett


    Yeah, I figured… It would be great if someone were able to do this in a plugin!



    I too have been looking around for this. I would develop it myself but I don’t even know where to start really.



    Yeah, would be a brilliant idea!

    Brendan Rohan


    (1) I think that replies should be a standard messaging feature alongside your inbox and @mentions – which would move @mentions from activity to messaging.
    (2) It would be cool if your replies had a filter called “conversations” where you could filter the various conversations you were having to stop the reply stream getting too long and you could keep tabs on “who said what”, etc.



    I’ve talked about this before… doesn’t seem to make headway…. I would love to see a stream for people that simply hit the “reply” button to your status update (anywhere)… This would appear as an option in the stream choices on the activity stream page… it really makes too much sense not to have it….



    Still no support for this?

    one could tap into the bp_core_add_notification api to add a count to the notifications menu (unfortunately it does not allow sub-menu li – just a count and a component link)

    if wanting to tap into the ‘my account’ menu – that is dependent on bp_nav components



    This is a feature that I would really like to implement as well. It seems strange to me that you are not notified when someone replies to one of your activity statements…

    If that’s the case, put a ticket on for an enhancement please




    Thanks! I had missed that one!

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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