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How to stop spammers or how to moderate the complete website?

  • psivait


    Hi. It is really a challenging task for administrators of a website to manually visiting each and every page, profile of users, photo/video etc to check for inappropriate content. How to handle this problem in an effective way? I would also like to maintain my website clean!
    Please give your valuable inputs. I tried even moderation plugins. It doesn’t satisfy even 10% of what we think!

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  • Get more administrators, and install the BP Moderation plugin. Make a big announcement to all members letting them know there is a new report feature(from the BP Moderation plugin) and you would greatly appreciate it if they would use it to report prohibited content.

    Lisa Sabin-Wilson


    We installed the WP Super Captcha plugin on 3 different WP/BP high traffic sites and it cut the spam sign ups down by 80% immediately. Not a beautiful solution, by any means – but it does work somewhat. 80% is better than nothing.

    Can be configured to show the captcha on the sign up page and login page – whichever you prefer, or both. Compliant for WordPress (with or without Multisite enabled) and BuddyPress configurations.

    Good luck!



    I’ve experienced a bit of success with AVH First Defense Against Spam:

    Checks the user’s IP against StopForumSpam and Project Honeypot (with an API key) before parsing the entire page.
    This won’t stop human spammers but every little bit helps.

    Andrea Rennick


    Have you also changed the default signup slug and the link text to get to it? Make sure you nofollow that.

    many of them come through via google, right to your signup page.



    Andrea_r, can you put that into English please? Pretend I’m a total newb.

    I haven’t found a good solution yet. Heck, I can’t even figure out how to delete spam groups that are now popping up on my site.

    The trouble with a social network is, you don’t want to seal it off and make it so that no one can sign up. That would defeat the purpose. But you have to have a way of confirming new members are who they are. Using some kind of program that would check a member’s sign up credentials would be nice. A passport of sorts. Any ideas there? Facebook connect could work, I guess. rich! etiviti wrote a suite of plugins one of which is ‘BuddyPress Restrict Group Creation’
    Don’t allow your members to sign up and instantly create groups set a time period they have to wait, spammers won’t wait, genuine members will not mind if it’s clear to them they have to wait a few hours, a day or whatever.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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