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How to structure my users for this purpose… ?

  • parakeet


    I am toying with starting a site that would essentially be a blogging platform, partly using BuddyPress.

    • A core of several dozen users should be able to author posts.
    • There would probably just be one blog (I would output “blog” sections by category/tag homepage).
    • Site users should be able to register to follow, interact with the few dozen authors, though not blog themselves.

    For the few dozen primary authors…

    • Each should belong to some organisation/company entity. ie. There should be some group-type entities that can house these authors, ie. Company A, Company B.
    • Those companies should also be expressed in their own right, with a page that lists their member authors and their content etc.
    • See how, on GitHub, a member’s page is brilliant (, and a member belongs to an organisation which has its own components (

    I’m unsure whether what I want to accomplish can be achieved out of the box or requires plugins and, in either case, whether I should be achieving this through BuddyPress functionality or WordPress functionality.

    Please can you advise?

    BP 1.7b2
    WP 3.5.1

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