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how to take out this table?

  • bruce30


    i hope you could help me, if you observe there is a table on the left side that shows numbers, i want to take that out. is that possible? if yes how? this is a messages page in the personal profile of users, here’s the link for the image

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  • Hastig


    I don’t know which theme you’re using so I can only offer some basic, general css advice.

    The numbers are in a table column, each number is in a table cell. In the html the table cell is written as <td>

    I’m not sure if you can or will want to remove the numbers column entirely, there may be some buddypress inserted code in there (#id’s, etc) that helps identify each row <tr> for a buddypress function.

    What you can do is make that column narrower or possibly hide it from displaying on screen while keeping the (possibly) important code in place.

    With Firefox or Chrome right click on a cell and choose ‘inspect element’.

    This will show you the html code in that area.

    You want to find the cell <td> that wraps around the numbers then identify its class. There may be a couple of different classes in each <td> that buddypress inserts.

    To help find which class you want to work with add a background-color: red; to different classes til you find the right one that applies to all cells in the column.

    (if you cant find a class that applies to only the numbers column you will need to get into a little more complex css using nth and similar methods)

    Once you find the right one open your themes style.css file and place on the bottom of it the class with your new styles.

    Try something like ..

    .className {visibility: hidden;} to hide it


    .className {width: 10%;} to adjust it’s width relative to the overall width. (would want to adjust the other columns cell widths to compensate. may also be some other elements within the cell with their own widths set.)

    There are numerous ways to target those cells for styling and different things that may prevent the above ideas from working but I’d better leave it at that for now.



    hi @hastig,
    that works, thank you so mcuh. 🙂

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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