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How to update the language file

  • nishi05


    Hi, I need help about language mo file.
    How to update the language file.
    I checked documentation and it was written.

    You can use your own translation version to fit your needs. Add it to /wp-content/languages/buddypress/. This new directory will not be automatically updated, so it is a safe place to store your custom work. BuddyPress will check for this directory as first. If nothing is found, it will use the translation stored wp-content/languages/plugins/. You can use both directories, so you will never miss an official translation and continue to use your own one. Simply remind to control your work after each BuddyPress update, with help of the buddypress.pot file.

    But, I guess BuddyPress will not check for this directory as first. I tried some ways. Maybe wp-content/languages/plugins/ path as first.

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