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How to use Buddypress as an option within existing site

  • Hello All

    I have just joined in hope of finding a solution to a problem which I am faced with designing a website for a friend. I am looking to incorporate a social media function to an already developed website and I really hope that Buddypress will by my solution. What I am looking for is to add Buddypress as an option or a tab which signed up users can use within my site.

    Sorry if I am not making sense, I am still little wet behind the ears as far as WordPress and Buddypress are concerned, so please accept my apologies if this question has been answered.

    So to re-iterate, I want to design a streaming video blog which is going to be locked down and available only to signed up users. However, as a part of my site I would like to enable some kind of Social Media function where user can create their profile (Similar to FaceBook) and interact with other users and their profiles. Although, I do not want this to be the main theme of the site but rather an added function or an option of it (I hope that makes sense).

    If anyone out there has already achieved this kind of feat I would greatly appreciate if that someone would throw in their 2 cents.

    Many thanks in advance to all who respond…

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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