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How to use BuddyPress features while registering, login, and log out via another

  • riseUp


    Wordpress version: 2.2.7
    Buddypress version: 2.5.1
    My Site:


    I am currently using a plugin called WP User Frontend Pro to utilize the ability to create nice front end forms. I also liked their Registration and Login/Logout functionality. Basically, I am using their Registration and Login/Logout functionality for the whole site.

    I also want to use BuddyPress’s social features.

    Can somebody guide me on how to “integrate” the use of BuddyPress to be “underneath” the User Frontend Pro’s registration and login/logout feature?

    In other words, I want users to be able to register, login, and logout via the User Frontend Pro plugin and also be able to register, login, and logout to use BuddyPress.

    Hope the above questions make sense…Thanks!

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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