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How useful is the Site Wide Activity in SEO?

  • isaac-asante


    Hi, I just wanted to know how useful was the Site Wide Activity widget on Buddypress from an SEO perspective, since it contained several links to posts, groups, forums, and wires from the site.

    Does it reduce chances of getting a site’s content 100% compatible with its targeted keywords (because it is almost uncontrollable and its activities are too vast), or on the contrary, is it a good way to advertise every page and activity within the site??

    I’d like to know the opinion of SEO experts on this forum.


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  • As you guessed it, it would likely be hit and miss since you can’t control the content that users post. If you have activity on your front page I’d recommend not including more than 5 entries and having very short excerpts. From an SEO standpoint, you should have your headings set as your major keywords and include relevant content under your headings.

    You want to choose about 10 keywords for each page and be sure to try to include them in your meta description which should be about 150 characters.

    The internal links from your activity won’t do much for you, but they are important as long as the search engines can determine your sites structure. Try getting more external links to your posts, groups and forums. That will help you more than anything.



    I am seriously considering using a robots.txt file to noindex nofollow my sitewide activity page and members page.

    Just to see what happens.. I have lost position for some keywords with the newer theme and setup now.. I also want to find where the alt-tage for my stie title is showing in the code so it is not alt-taged “home” – I think those things will help it get to where it was.



    Install the sitemap for buddypress plugin. The regular WP sitemap plugin only scours the blogs. This other one does the groups, profiles and forums.



    Is there a way to have both the blog and buddypress sitemap plugins work together? so that the sitemap.xml file includes the bp-sitemap.xml file?

    Or is having the file pinged to the search engines enough?

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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