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how would I disable / remove the animate from the activity textarea?

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    Okay, specific question… In the global.js for BuddyPress we find…

    `/* Textarea focus */
    jq(‘#whats-new’).focus( function(){
    jq(“form#whats-new-form textarea”).animate({
    jq(“#aw-whats-new-submit”).prop(“disabled”, false);

    var $whats_new_form = jq(“form#whats-new-form”);
    if ( $whats_new_form.hasClass(“submitted”) ) {

    What I’m concerned with is the animations on the textarea. I wish to disable them via another jQuery script or some other method ( so as not to alter the BuddyPress files themselves ). I’ve tried duplicating the code in my site’s global.js and modifying them with .stop(), .stop(true), .clearQueue(), and the like with no resolve. Is there a way to accomplish this? I don’t want the effect at all nor the resize. Leave my textarea alone! Also, I don’t want to set min-height as it disables the script I have running to autosize the textarea when it’s being used.

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    I’ve resolved this myself. My not working code…

    $(‘#whats-new’).focus(function(){ $(‘#whats-new-options’).stop(true); $(‘form#whats-new-form textarea’).unbind(‘focus’); console.log(‘focus’); });
    $(‘#whats-new’).blur(function(){ $(‘#whats-new-options’).stop(true); $(‘form#whats-new-form textarea’).unbind(‘blur’); console.log(‘blur’); });

    (I added the console log to test) I found that, for whatever reason, the first line (focus) was never firing but the second line (blur) works fine. So I modified the code to this…

    $(‘#whats-new’).blur(function(){ $(‘#whats-new-options’).stop(true); $(‘form#whats-new-form textarea’).unbind(‘focus blur’); });

    Works as intended now.

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