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HTML tag errors in Activity stream

  • HaTiRo


    OK. I’m running wpmu2.8.6 and buddypress1.1.2.

    I’ve heavily CSSing the design and of course getting Firefox right first and now heading into IE7/IE6 territory.

    I noticed on the activity stream that the CSS threw up some inconsisencies. In looking throguh the source for the activity stream from status updates I noticed that p tags were being opened but not closed. In particular a p tag is opened before the link for the poster of said activity but is not closed again.

    I know this is probably something to do with the kses filtery thingy and what gets taken out is not being put in again properly or something like that, but trawling through the activity php files and the status files I can’t seem to find anything…..

    Has anyone come across this before….


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  • Andy Peatling


    Don’t start working on old versions. If you are looking to build a new design you should be running 1.2RC and 2.9.1+.



    Yeah, I would have done but I’ve been skinning this one since about 1 Nov 09….. and have made it fit what I’ve been doing. I had originally done the site in 1.0.3 which has been live but then ran into trouble with plugins, so decided to redo to 1.1.2 when I couldn’t upgrade without losing a few things, I decided to start over with 1.1.2…

    Trouble is (not that I’m complaining here) that you are developing the system far, far quicker than I can keep up…

    As I guess quite a few of us aree running older version, it may be worth considering setting up different forums to cope with legacy systems as like the IE issue, we still have to cope with those who are just not up to it………..

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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