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HTTP 500 error

  • Nikki Withrow


    Hi, I posted this yesterday and troubleshooting and got a helpful answer on how to get rid of this HTTP 500 error (by deleting buddypress folder/files using FTP) but I still can’t get Buddypress to install without getting this error. I’ve tried installing/uninstalling several times and each time I get the same error. Does anyone have any idea whatsoever what I may be doing wrong? I thought maybe my theme was causing the problem, so I changed it to a buddypress theme. I also tried deactivating some other plugins I thought might be complicating it but that hasn’t worked either and I just updated my WordPress to the latest version.
    I can actually install buddypress but I get the error message as soon as I try to activate it.
    I’m not super web savvy but usually if people tell me what to do, I can figure it out. I’m trying to create this site for our school’s pta: (still in development but am not sure if someone sees the site if they can better help me troubleshoot).
    Also, I use IX webhosting if that means anything in regards to this issue.
    Any help would be very much appreciated!!!

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  • ancawonka


    Hi Nikki,

    Do you know how to get to your http error file? You would then be able to find the specific thing that is causing the problem (and hopefully adress it?). If you have a control panel for the domain, you might be able to find it under “Web Server” or “Log Files” (near the “Access Log”).



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