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  • Erlend


    We’re using bbPress and BuddyPress to power the jMonkeyEngine community site:

    Using the excellent Firmasite as our parent theme, our child theme is a modified version of the ACME Dashboard. It is indeed marketed as an admin theme, but we found it to be nicely suited for a clean discussion-centric layout.

    We’re not taking great advantage of BuddyPress at the moment, in great part due to a pending bbPress/BuddyPress bug that makes it difficult for us to repurpose our groups. In the future we want to use vanilla groups for task-centric “workgroups”, and we’ve long been entertaining the idea of making a customized version of groups to create a plugin front-end for our SDK.

    bbPress on the other hand is constantly being pushed to its limits, and we’re very happy with it. We’re using the Support Topic plugin to great effect, along with our custom made Quotes plugin, among many others.

    Huge thanks to the developers and contributors of bbPress and BuddyPress for making two outstanding pieces of free software.

    p.s. If any budding WordPress developers out there would like an opportunity to get some experience contributing to an open source project, you’re very welcome to get in touch.

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  • Aron Prins


    This thing looks amazing Erlend!
    Any chance of releasing your modifications to the general public?





    What modifications in particular are you referring to?

    We really wanted to release our child theme to the public, but I doubt Bootstrapmaster (ACME theme) would let us do that.

    Unsal Korkmaz


    Erlend, i would suggest you to wait commercial release for group customization. I am preparing those content blocks to work in user profiles & buddypress groups.

    For people interesting, this is an example of content block usage in bbpress replies:
    Think about using this in user profiles & buddypress groups !!

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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