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I am having URL Rewrite issues

  • farmrchrys2013


    I have BuddyPress 4.1.0 and bbPress 2.5.14 installed on a WordPress 5.0.3

    I already tried resetting the permalinks. I have not tried disabling and re-enabling all other plugins. I’m hoping it’s a simple fix.

    I am having URL Rewrite issues.
    This URL works and gets me to a page which lists all groups/my groups.

    For testing, I log in as a user having the wp ‘subscriber’ role who is a member of one of the private groups listed.

    I click on the group to which the user is a member and it takes me here:

    This is good. This is where I want the user to be. But on this page, the user has the ability to see how many other members are in this group and clicking the ‘members’ button should take the user to a page that lists only the members of that group. When I hover over the members button, the URL that displays is

    but when I click on the members button, the URL I am taken to is

    which is a page that lists ALL the members. NOT what I want.

    Similarly, if I’m logged in as a user and I go to the Members page (//, and I click on a member’s name, I’m taken to the member’s page:

    I see that this member belongs to 2 groups. I want to know which ones, so I should click on the tab that says “Groups (2)” to see which two groups the person belongs to. When I hover over that tab, the URL displayed is

    but when I click on it I am taken here instead

    which lists all the groups. NOT what I want.

    What can I do to fix the errant rewriting of these URLs?

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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