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I am not able to log in to the wordpress website dashboard, I need your help please

  • wandilly


    For the past year I have been trying to recreate our “marinprofessionals” website with the same database capabilities for information retrieval , based on an incredible website: which I believe our community could really benefit from.
    What was acomplished:
    1)Created the domain ( WHICH WAS NOT registered but was being hosted with Godaddy,
    2) I uploaded the MUWP 2.9 from a script +BuddyPress ..
    4) My initial plan was to create each page starting with the home page from a WORPRESS template and then add/actvate membership user login capability similar to “”.I was able to upload the Current Theme to the hosting account in godaddy which is called :
    Sliding Door 1.8.7 by Wayne Connor
    5) Because liability is one of the major concerns our association has, the challenge has been to find and deliver a solution that is not only reliable and easy to maintain but most of all, one that is able to provide security, or in other words, the ability to control and maintain all the private information CONFIDENTIAL.
    Also, I was told about LDAP and how it was used to manage centrally-stored information.

    So, I contacted Jim Groom at the University of Mary Washington who pioneered the integration of all three products(WP+bbPress and LDAP) quite nicely on the “”. and I was hoping to get WordPressMU, BuddyPress, an LDAP integrated for marinprofessionals…

    But now, one bad thing happened:
    I forgot to renew the domain name “” and somebody else took the domain name. so I HAVE TO CHANGE THE NAME FROM “” to “” to make the website work again.

    Domain : has now changed to
    Hosting Login : wandilly
    Server IP Address :
    Dedicated Hosting IP :

    l have tried to get help/answers from different forums to make it work…
    IN SHORT: I am trying to enable multiple users registration capability available with WPMU+BPRESS+LDAP so that each registered MARIN PROFESSIONAL user is able to create their own Blog and manage them. By doing so, I can have each registered user to be added to a directory of users on a more secure form, but I also must CHANGE THE NAME FROM “” to “” to make the website work again. Can anyone help me out please?
    the query bellow didn’t help,
    UPDATE wp_posts SET guid = REPLACE ( guid, ‘’, ‘’);
    I am not able to log in to the wordpress website dashboard, I need your help please

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  • Marian


    Is your original database intact but just associated with a different domain now? If so, maybe you just need to change the siteurl in the database itself by going into Cpanel > myPHPadmin > your wordpress database > wp_options table (or whatever prefix you gave it if you changed it from the default wp). The siteurl field is the first row. Changing it to the right siteurl should allow you to log in to the dashboard again.

    Beyond that, I’m not sure what you’re asking, but if my suggestion isn’t too off-base, maybe you’ll know how to proceed from there.



    Greetings Marian
    Thank you very much for your reply!…
    and I agree with you, I thought it was the only thing I needed to change, nevertheless, it didn’t work for me…
    unless I did something wrong or have to do something else…I just copied and pasted bellow what I see when I browse the wp-options table in
    godaddy via phpMyAdmin:
    MySQL Databases Used: 3 of 25
    Version Database Name Description Status Action
    mar1000812091212 Database for WordPress 2.9.1 on 5.0
    mar1000812200923 Database for WordPress 2.9.1 on
    …Full Texts option_id blog_id option_name option_value autoload
    Edit Delete 1 0 _transient_random_seed 230d0d6d109d56140f929a76212f147b yes
    Edit Delete 2 0 siteurl yes
    Edit Delete 3 0 blogname marinprofessionals blog yes
    Edit Delete 4 0 blogdescription Just another WordPress weblog yes
    Edit Delete 5 0 users_can_register 0 yes



    @wandilly, Did you get your problem resolved yet? If not, I’d be glad to help do detective work on it. I’d need a login though, so if you feel comfortable giving me access, you’d want to share that by private email. You can contact me at

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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