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I cannot post forum topics?

  • I just installed BuddyPress and setup a new forum all via wordpress, so I did not use any existing forums or databases.

    I can create groups, but I cannot post a forum topic at all! What is wrong? Please help! Thank you.

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  • Hi Thank you for your reply.

    I have added plugins, but that is it. I have not done any manual editing of the CSS or anything else. Could it be one of my plugins causing the issue?

    when I try to post a new forum topic under the group I get this message in a red bar:

    “There was an error when creating the topic.”

    And nothing gets created.

    When I try under the forum tab, add a new topic nothing happens, no red bar with an error message, and no new forum topic added.

    I have deactivated some plugins to see if they were causing issues, but that did not help.

    I even tried it with deleting the plugin files that might of been causing issues, and still not working, so I don’t think that it is a plugin interaction issue, but I could be wrong.

    Please, any help possible would be fantastic!

    Boone Gorges


    Just to be clear: Did you click “Set up a new bbPress installation” at Dashboard > BuddyPress > Forum Setup?

    Is there a bb-config.php file in the root of your WP installation? (It should have been created automatically when you did the initial setup.) If so, does it contain the correct database connection information? Do you have access to the database so that you can check whether the tables exist (they should start with wp_bb_)? Is this problem occurring with newly created groups as well as older groups?



    Hi there

    This is a problem I have had on and off and know of no solution to. What is happening is that the group_metadata table is being populated with a forum_id, but the forum table does not get an entry created. I have a site with a load of groups, some of which have created forums properly, a handful have not. I have tried manually creating the right DB entries but to no avail. This is a real bummer, as the only real solution I know of is to delete the group and start again. Not an option for a busy group.




    having just started looking at this some more, and reading something that @snapstart said about her config files, I am kicking myself as my problem I believe is related to moving DB host at some point. I had no fecking idea that a bb-config file gets generated with copies of your db cfg values in. I have now found that half of my forums are in an old db, and new forum creations don’t happen properly as it’s trying to do stuff across 2 dbs. DOH!

    @Boone Gorges

    Yes it was all done via the wp dashboard, with a new bbPress install.

    I do have a bb-config.php file in my site’s root WP installation. It has the correct database information, except password, I updated the password, but still nothing will post on the forums. The databases are all there and all begin with wp_bb_

    This is a brand new installation, so there are no old groups, just the new ones I created, and nothing will post a forum topic.

    all 3 of the groups that I have created so far are in the groups table and id’ed correctly, and such. there is no data listed in the wp_bb_forum or wp_bb_topic or wp_bb_post tables within my database, there is structure information, but no data to browse. this is all pertaining to the database in my phpMyAdmin control panel.

    I am wondering if perhaps maybe some of the structural data of the tables in my database may be incorrect, if so I have no idea what it could be or how to fix it, as I have not done any manual alterations to my original install, only wp plugins. And I am not very up on php.

    any more ideas or advise? thank you!

    Boone Gorges


    @holisticmama Given what you’ve described, it sounds like the forum_id for your groups hasn’t been saved correctly. In PHPMyAdmin, look inside wp_bp_groups_groupmeta to see if there are any items with the meta_key ‘forum_id’.

    nothing at all with the meta_key “forum_id”

    here is what is listed in the wp_bp_groups_groupmeta:

    id group_id meta_key meta_value
    1 1 last_activity 2010-10-19 00:41:18
    2 1 total_member_count 2
    3 2 last_activity 2010-10-19 01:24:57
    4 2 total_member_count 1
    5 3 last_activity 2010-10-19 17:30:04
    6 3 total_member_count 1

    Boone Gorges


    OK, at least that narrows down the issue.

    What other plugins are you using? What theme? Try creating a new group with all plugins other than BP deactivated, and using the bp-default theme, and then try to post in that new group’s forum.

    i have only BuddyPress plugins installed, and have the default theme installed. I deactivated everything except the basic buddy press plugin and and created a new group with it like that to see if the new group worked, but nothing.

    just bumping this so that I can hopefully find some help to fix this issue. My site is down due this issue, and I will have to find something else if I cannot get some help!! Please, please any help or advise is very much appreciated.

    Boone Gorges


    Try toggling the ‘Enable discussion forum’ option on the group settings to see what happens. Group > Admin > Group Settings. Uncheck the discussion forum option, save settings. Then re-check, and save again.

    In theory, that should kickstart the process of setting a forum that corresponds to your group.

    still nothing, same message.

    oh please, please, please, can someone PLEASE help me get this fixed!! I have done everything everyone has suggested so far and NOTHING has fixed the problem!

    I cannot take my site live to my market till I get this working!!! I am getting behind schedule! Please help!

    Boone Gorges


    I have been trying to help you!

    Try Dashboard > BuddyPress > Forum Setup and then reinstall and set up a new bbPress installation. It sounds like something is wrong with your bb-config.php.

    If nothing else works, and you don’t yet have any content in your installation anyway, you should consider wiping your database and starting from scratch. Clearly something has happened that is keeping BP from communicating with your bbPress database tables.

    I know and I am SO VERY APPRECIATIVE! It is just so very frustrating that nothing is fixing it yet!

    actually what you just suggested was the very first thing I tried before even coming here for help and that didn’t work either! I will just delete it all and start over! Lets pray that works! :o)

    I had the same problem. After two weeks of finding solutions I decided to reinstall all network and drop the tables of buddypress too.

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