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I cant believe it’s not Facebook

  • peter-hamilton



    I have been working on my theme BBFacelook for about 5-6 months now (really), more as a hobby then anything else but of course hope to publish it one day.

    It is a work in progress but the end is in sight, almost done styling the activity wall and members profiles, few more functionality’s need adding and the bbpress forums need styling, but here are some images of my current progress:

    Activity wall:

    BBFacelook activity wall

    Thanks to a few clever plugin authors I have been able to add a “like” system, and changed Favorites to Following on most pages.

    BBFacelook activity wall


    BBFacelook profile page

    The profiles have the option to change background image as well as avatar, I managed to add the links/buttons on both the avatar and background instead of the need of a nav-item.

    I hope to finish the Buddypress side of my theme this month, I can only work on it a few hours a week, and I know nothing of Javascript or PHP so I am cutting and pasting until something works.

    This does mean I am slow with progress, I will update as soon as I achieved my next goal ,the forum side of the theme which means digging into bbpress for a few weeks.

    Peter Hamilton

    btw. if anybody wants to test my activity wall and profile page.

    Username: demo
    Password: demo1

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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