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I can’t create a group with BuddyPress and one more issue.

  • chuchudolls


    WP v. 5.0.3
    I did not upgrade from a previous version of WordPress.
    WordPress was functioning properly before BuddyPress install.
    BuddyPress v 4.1.0
    No upgrade.
    Other plug-ins: bbPress, bbPress WP Tweaks, Breadcrumb NavXT, BuddyPress, Column Shortcodes, Contact Form 7, Content Aware Sidebars, Mailchimp for WooCommerce (currently not set up), MetaSlider, N-Media WooCommerce PPOM, Shindiri Woo Shop Slider Lite, Widget Options, WooCommerce (currently not set up), WooCommerce Produce Carousel Slider, WooCommerce Services (currently not set up). All are up to date.
    Wordpress theme is Vogue.
    I’ve not modified the core files in any way that I’m aware of.
    No custom functions that I’m aware of.
    I do not know how to do .php coding.
    I do not have any errors that I am aware of and could not run the check from the tutorial as it didn’t work. Again, do not know .php code.
    Current website has been removed from online and is on a private server/localhost. This will change soon as the new site is finished.
    No BuddyPress theme chosen so maybe default theme selected?
    No idea if I overloaded any buddypress template files.

    Posting above per the “When asking for support” sticky.

    I have two problems. The first is that I don’t have a way for users to create groups using the BuddyPress groups system. I can only create groups manually by selecting “Groups” > “Add New” in the dashboard. I do not wish to cater to 100’s of requests for groups, and would like users to have freedom of creation. “Anyone can register” is selected. “User Groups” is selected.

    As of right now, my site has a “Social” menu option with sub-menu of all the BuddyPress items. If I click on “Groups” in the sub-menu, I DO NOT get an option to create groups. However, if I click on the main menu “Social,” and look at the right side where my “Groups” widget is, I can click on groups, and get a new page that has a “Create New Group” option that allows anyone to create.

    Ok, so why not just add the widget to all the BuddyPress pages? I did. They won’t load. The only way people can add groups is if they go through this widget. Which leads me to my second problem; I am not able to add that widget anywhere else on the website. It will not load on any other of the BuddyPress pages/sub-menu options. In fact, nothing will load.

    This was the result of adding “Content Aware Sidebar” plug-in, because I was not able to get website widgets OFF BuddyPress pages even when selected to be off those specific pages. Now, I have removed my main-site widgets from BuddyPress pages, but can’t get BuddyPress widgets on BuddyPress pages. Boy, I hope that was clear.

    If I remove “Content Aware Sidebar” (or deactivate it), everything goes back to the way it was. Main website widgets that I don’t want on BuddyPress pages will load on BuddyPress pages, but so will the BuddyPress widgets.

    How do I get my BuddyPress widgets to load AND prevent my other widgets from loading on BuddyPress-only pages? Or can I manually insert a “Create Group” link inside the “Groups” page, preferably next to “Invitations” and “Memberships?”

    I believe the problem lies with both the “Content Aware Sidebar” plugin and “Widget Options,” which is the one I used to be able to manually select pages. It worked perfectly until BuddyPress was installed. Now, I can’t get choices over BuddyPress-only widgets, but I can get widgets to load at will anywhere else on the site.

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