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I can't upload a profile photo

  • marcmiquel



    It’s Marc, I am an experienced wordpress user but I am not able to upload the Avatar in the extended profile. I am using WordPress 4.0 and Buddypress 2.1.1.
    I try it on my VPS and I try it in localhost. In both cases I don’t seem to find the place to upload the picture. In the dashboard – user area there is the option “delete” but I never uploaded the picture. If I try to go on with delete it says “There was a problem deleting the avatar, please try again”.

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    ” alt=”” />

    I did try to upload pictures when registering with Buddypress Upload Avatar Ajax 1.0.1. But they never get upload. Just during the registering moment it seems to work but then they don’t exist.
    I don’t know if it is about permissions but I can upload pictures in the media gallery.
    I tried changing the theme (which is wp-bootstrap) but the same thing happens. Here there is a screenshot.

    Please, tell me what can I do to fix it or if I am doing something wrong.


    Marc Miquel

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  • marcmiquel


    “Buddypress Upload Avatar Ajax” upload the pics in a folder during the registration as I checked right now. But then they don’t appear in the profile. Plus, the tab associated to user profile area “change…” does not appear. What could it be? I tried with a new wordpress and theme and it works, so it must something related to my specific combination. I deactivated all the plugins besides buddypress and this one, but still, it does not work. I am afraid using super caché before or any security plugin broke my wordpress…Any idea?

    Henry Wright


    Hi @marcmiquel

    Have you tried contacting the plugin author?



    I did! With no success…He doesn’t reply. I know that it must work with this combination of plugin + theme + wordpress because I tried it in an empty one. But I just cannot lose all the work done in this website.
    Do you know of any ‘cleaner’ or restore to defaults for certain things? Thanks!


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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