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i don't get it

  • eriktx


    somebody help me to understand how come an open source social software doesn’t come with basic features like be able to create a gallery. finally after many days found a plugin that works when bp should have come with this already. i know,i know, it is free, don’t complaint. !!
    it is just that i thought open source should be even better than commercial stuff, so frustrating and disappointing.
    Next fight .. try to find a plugin to upload videos and mp3… to be continued…

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  • Ben Hansen


    By definition features are only added to open source projects if people feel it’s important enough to make it happen. If you think theres a feature that every buddypress site should have then you should first lobby for it to the core group of contributors (through trac for wordpress/buddypress) and ideally offer your own time to help the develop the feature if the group agrees that it should be part of the core feature set.

    If you are unable to convince others you are still free to fork the project into your own thing or better yet create a plugin which adds this functionality for others who feel as you do.

    ps you might want to check out

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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