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I don’t understand some of BuddyPress requirements

  • juliojt


    About BuddyPress requirements:

      Apache Module mod_rewrite enabled for “pretty permalinks”
      WordPress should be installed manually i.e. via FTP, cpanel, etc. and NOT via webhost scripts (fantastico, softalicious, etc.)which bring about numerous issues when BuddyPress is activated.
      BuddyPress does not work on installations where you give WordPress its own directory.
      Folder name for any subdirectory or subdomain WordPress/BuddyPress installation must be in lowercase.
      PHP must have the GD or imagick modules installed (on the server) to allow re-sizing of images; BP avatar uploads will fail without one of these modules activated (WP will simply fail to create image sizes for posts but won’t show an error)
      AllowOverride should be set to All in folder where .htaccess is, for example:
    <VirtualHost *:80>
     DocumentRoot /var/www/html
     <Directory "/var/www/html">
      AllowOverride All

    I don’t understand the last two ones. Can someone explain? How do I verify those two requirements?

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  • If you have WordPress installed with permalinks (so urls are like:, and they work – display the content of the Sample Page) and you can upload images without any errors on Media page in wp-admin area (and can attached/insert into post/page content in WYSIWYG editor) – you are good to go.
    That’s basically what those 2 last requirements mean.

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