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I don't want to make use of the widgets

  • jeroenem



    First of all I want to say to all the developers of Buddypress that you folks did a great job! Buddypress is GREAT!

    But, I’m having a tiny question now. I do not want to have widgets on my budypress homepage. Currently the home.php file has some lines like this:

    <?php _e( 'Please log in and add widgets to this column.', 'buddypress' ) ?>

    Is there a way to get rid of those and to add ‘widgets’ by yourself in the template file?

    For e.g. <?php _e(''this_is_the_groups_widget','buddypress') ?>

    I would really like to know if there is an option like this!

    Any help is welcome. Thanks!

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  • peterverkooijen


    I have removed everything having to do with widgets from my template. Haven’t seen any negative effects so far.



    You could do it, but it is no five minute job, as you’d have to learn of a WordPress theme template works and add the code of the widgets to the code of the theme you are using. This means you pretty much have to learn PHP. Do you know PHP?

    May I ask why you don’t want to use the widgets?



    I don’t think i find the widgets useful for my website. The idea is great, and the outcome too. But i just want to set some default ‘boxes’ with content on my frontpage.

    The member and groups widgets are fine, they do the job. But i don’t want them to be a widget. I just want to include them in my template file instead of choosing it first as a widget.

    Like I said in my first post – i want to add a php include thingy to add different type of boxes (widgets). So that users can’t choose their homepage layout theirselves.

    PS. im known with basic PHP and i understand and can work with the wordpress template files or create them by myself

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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