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I got an idea for a anti spam plugin

  • josh101


    Problem: Bots are joining sites aka spam accounts.

    Idea: My idea for an anti spam plugin is a field random value system.

    Concept: On your Registrar page you have fields each field has a value/field id that tells the site what the value/field id is but spam bots know what it is so they tell a bot what field means what and what to put in these fields. If we can some how use a system to show to the bot that the field is different the bot will then be stuck. The key is to always be different on every page load. So 4A25426RD could equal the name field but on the next load it could be OYZO4646M that equals name.A plus could be a way each site could make its own random sequence(a way to decide the next code)

    What do you think?

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