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I have a charset problem

  • Hello,

    My buddypress community is based in Portugal and i use Portuguese language in the site.

    when i install wordpress and buddypress the database use utf8_general_ci charset.

    But when i install the forum component in buddypress the tables uses latin1_swedish_ci charset!

    I have i big problem in my site:(

    When someone subscribe my activity feed they appear in the reader with strange characters like this:

    “Vítor Maia publicou no tópico do fórum Teste nº 2 no Fórum do grupo Fl Holdem”

    This is not Portuguese!

    How can i resolve this problem?

    Thank you


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  • You’re going to have to go into your database and change the charset manually. Back up your data first as I cannot guarantee that there won’t be any data loss or corruption. FYI We’ve fixed this for BuddyPress 1.3 due out next year.

    Ok, thank you Paul.


    Just wondering if anyone knows when BP 1.3 is out? I’ve had this bug for sometime now, similar to the one described above for Portuguese. I’ve did all the manual DB conversions etc and the end result seems to be an AJAX Groups Buddypress bug: if I type an accented Irish charecter á é í ó or ú into anywhere in the groups area, it comes up strange eg Ár instead of ár (within an AJAX content area with sub headings of HOME MEMBERS etc) whereas on my homepage (non AJAX) it seems fine. The intial thread was here

    If 1.3 fixes this and is out soon it would solve a major problem for me. I have been delaying properly releasing this site due to this bug and was considering migrating to another social system as I heard Buddypress was no longer supported but if that’s not true and 1.3 fixes this I’d be happy to hold on a while.


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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