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I have installed buddypress but user’s avatars are not displayed

  • karlosdpm


    I have a site with 2000 users which I have decided to convert to a social network with buddy press. Many of the users already have an avatar. My surprise was that after installing buddypress, it is not picking up the users avatar.

    Before, I could display the avatars with get_avatar() but I think buddypress uses a different function.

    How can I make buddy press to use the wordpress installation avatars of my users?
    Is there a plugin or a hook?

    I really appreciate your help!

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  • danbp


    BuddyPress use Gravatar by default, like WordPress.
    If your user uploaded custom avatars, you may use bp_core_fetch_avatar in place of wp’s get_avatar

    More about avatars here and search for “avatar”



    How can I make their avatars to sync with buddypress?
    I want them to see the avatar they have had for years now in their buddy press profile I am installing.

    Currently their avatars show in regular wordpress pages but not on buddypress pages, for example in the profile page or in the activity page.

    thank you for your help



    Do you know a wordpress o buddy press function i can use to grab all current wp user avatars and assign them to the corresponding buddypress profile? After that, I am planning to have the users change the avatar only from buddypress profile not from front end registration form.

    Please help,
    thank you!

    Stacy (non coder)


    So avatar’s aren’t native?

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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