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I might be showing zero intelligence here.

  • I mean I’ve searched high and low across buddypress and wordpress and I can’t seem to find either a place to view other peoples blogs (like you can with through it’s reader) OR a social hub that isn’t centered around Tech Support (like the incredible establishment you have here). Is there somewhere like this?

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  • just pressed the submit button and was met with a link to the GALLERY….. am I on the right track there?

    Roger Coathup


    @mike00m – first thing: if you want support on a particular problem, it really helps to give your thread a meaningful title that says something about the sort of problem you are experiencing.

    Showing a list of latest posts from blogs around a WordPress multisite install is actually surprisingly challenging because of efficiency concerns. Polling lots of blogs takes a large amount of CPU time.

    However, in BuddyPress, you can implement this relatively easily using a custom activity stream loop (which avoids the efficiency concerns):

    Each time a post is saved, an entry with the details of the post is added to the activity stream.

    You can then write a custom activity loop that just pulls out the latest blog post related activity.

    Unfortunately, BuddyPress saves the info (thumbnail, excerpt, etc.) in a monolithic chunk that’s cumbersome to manipulate later (e.g. to pull out and style the thumbnail as you want). Therefore, you might also want to look at modifying the action hooks on post save, to set up the activity stream entry in the correct format for your site to begin with.

    It’s relatively easy to set this up, but you do need to be a competent PHP / WordPress developer.

    [it’s possible that someone else might be able to point you to an off the shelf plugin / widget for this]



    Take code from activity and plop it into a page template. Create a page for this template. Edit the activity loop to just show blog posts.

    Very easy if you know code.

    erm pretty much exactly as Roger has explained above ;)



    Maybe I’ve got this wrong but I read this as just a request to be able to scroll through a range of other people’s blogs – like on or blogger just looking around at what people are doing.

    Roger Coathup


    @pawriter – if you go to — the reader shows you latest featured blog posts from the blogs on the site. Which is what the described solution tells you how to achieve using BuddyPress in a multisite install

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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