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I need a few ‘BuddyPress Default’ Theme Tweaks

  • Ben


    Hello, thank you very much for clicking on this topic, I really appreciate your attention.

    Basically I’ve just set up my website ( with BuddyPress, I’ve already changed a few things about it so that it suites my needs, but unfortunately I’m not brilliant, there’s some things I can’t figure out.

    1. First of all the header up the top appears to be anchored on the left side, what I mean by this is when the web browser is re sized, and the website automatically changes to fix the window, the header image sticks to the one side. I want it to be centered if possible.

    2. Tabs, so as you would know, the BuddyPress default theme contains tabs, but again, when the web window is re sized these buttons attempt to look good in the new width. Is there any way of preventing them from auto-adjusting? Because if you’re using the site in a thin window the tab buttons stack on top of each other and look ridiculous.

    3. LAST BUT NOT LEAST, I’ve downloaded a plugin called “Recent Posts Slider”, I would like to place this above all the posts on the left side. Where would I paste the code?

    Thankyou very much for reading and I hope you can help me out. They may seem like silly questions, and I might sound like a newb, and this is because, I am a newb when it come to this stuff.



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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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