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I need a link for logged in users to access/sign out of their profile

  • paledirectory


    Hello, I’m trying to find or create a page, link, or whatever is needed for my logged in users to access their profile. I’ve done extensive searching for how to do this, but everything I’ve come across so far seems to tackle this problem by creating a WordPress menu.

    This is not possible for the theme I’m using. I’m converting my website into an app and the theme used does not allow WordPress menus. Menus are created within the app on a different platform by providing links and custom pages.

    So far, I’ve created a profile page like so which redirects to it seems like I’m really close. What code do I need for /%USERNAME%/ to reference the user’s screen name? And for that matter, how do I create a way to sign out? I’m very new to this but I appreciate any help given.

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