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I need a mentor with experience building large communities

  • christopheran


    I have a site that is almost successful, but I’m stuck at that point… almost successful… and can’t seem to get it to the next level.

    It’s a google news site, so I get some attention and traffic, but not enough.

    Right now it’s just me and a few writers.

    I need to raise our profile, increase traffic, improve the quality of our posts/writing, increase the number of our posts, and get writers that love what they are writing about and not just writing for the money.

    It would take a lot of changes and there would be challenges, but I think my answer might be to build a community. A place where users can post news items, communicate on a forum, help each other, provide tips, spread the word about our stories, be involved – and have fun!

    How do I build that community though? I’ve got a way to attract traffic, but I’m not sure how to convert that into a social network.

    I see I can use buddypress and it looks like a good framework… but I realize am going to need more than just the framework to really build a successful, thriving, community.

    I’m going to need someone who has done this before to lead me along and provide advice so I don’t fall flat on my face (been there way too many times after way too much work).

    I need a mentor.

    Someone who knows the steps I need to take not just to set up buddypress, but to actually build an active community. Preferably someone with some journalism experience.

    Is there a volunteer out there that would be willing to consult/advise me over time? Someone that has actually built a community of thousands of users before? Someone really willing look at the details of my site and what I am doing, as I work on building a community?

    If so, please contact me at"> so I can provide more details. No commitment at this point, I can just tell you about our site so you can consider helping.

    Thank you very much,


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