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  • bruce30


    hellow everyone., i develop my site using desktop server limited. but it does not offer sharing of site., i want to share my site so that my professors could test it on their devices, i cant afford desktop server premium because here on the philippines when you convert it in our currency it will already cost around 4000. i really need this tool, i hope someone could give me. but if you have some suggestion, easy, fast and best way i would welcome it. because i only have one week left to present the my development site., 🙁

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  • mcpeanut


    Hmm, Using desktop server is only available on the specific computer you are using, it installs itself for use similar to using xxamp etc and is only a local install, so you would be better off taking your laptop that your running desktop server on to your professor, if your using a desktop then your out of luck. why dont you sign up to some cheap hosting plan and upload it to that if your just using it for testing? you could get the most basic shared server, this way you can access your website from anywhere.

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