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I need to make my BP-Default Parent Theme a child theme…

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    Unfortunately, when i first upgraded to buddypress I jumped in and started editing the BP- Default parrent theme. After i did a ton of work on it i found out that you are supposed to make a child theme instead. So i have officially put off figuring it out until now(needs upgrade).

    The only theme files that were changed are the header, footer, and body php files as well ass all css style sheets.

    My question is, what is going to be the easiest way to convert my BP-Default theme into a child theme?

    is it as easy as renaming the stylesheet and moving the css and php files(and replacing the current default BP parent theme)?

    also: i have read all of the codex and i understand how to make a child theme.

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  • You will need to make that child theme then. I would add to your child theme folder structure the _inc/css/ structure as you have edited the main style files simply copy them over to this child theme directory, your child theme style.css in theme root will call those files in the same way as default does. Copy over any main files you might have edited such as footer, header etc to child theme.

    When you have all the files you have edited safely copied into the new child theme download a fresh copy of BP and replace the files you edited with copies of the originals that way you can drop back to the default theme if need be.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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