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I still cannot install the bp!!

  • I am running wordpress mu on a godaddy hosting, everything is fine! installed succesfull (before I used wordpress so I am new to mu).

    The problem is I follow the instalation steps of installing the bp, but corect me if im wrong, I need to see the plugin in my Plugins option from the admin, right?

    Well I cant see a damn thing there!

    Another weird thing is that mu says to use wp-content/plugins and the bp says to use wp-content/mu-plugins.

    I am so confused, anyway I tried to both method but I have nothing in my admin menu/plugins.

    Can someone please explain to me to how to attach the bp to mu step by step?

    I am downloading the core and then ? where should I put it so I can see it in the admin site menu ?

    Please help, i’ve lost my whole night trying to fix it!



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  • you can actually get the instruction at buddypress-comboINSTALL-README.txt

    For me the problem was installing WPMU, after go thru it everything is a lot more easy…



    I’d start with the readme document

    but everything should be uploaded to mu-plugins and then make sure you put the themes in the correct places. you won’t see anything regarding bp in your plugins, but you will see a buddypress option under “site admin”

    you need the core and xprofiles folders to get it running and then install any extras you want

    but read the readme!

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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