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*IDEA*I want to make a achievements Plugin

  • Anonymous

    Im not really that good at coding, and scripting c++ and python and other languages, but heres my idea. I want to make a widget / plugin area under the person avatar / add friend buttons on their profile page. By having this area, i think you can make it possible in editing the style.css , and some .php files, i was messing around with it. But im not a good coder, anyways…

    I want to make a achievements system, to reward users on the site, rather than just having users on my site, who can’t earn or achieve things. Achievements like Top Poster, Most Friends, Add one Friend, Join ten groups, etc….

    If anyone can code this please respond :D or input on the idea.

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  • Jeff Sayre



    There’s no need to double post. You’ve already started a thread 5 days ago with this same basic topic here:

    As DJPaul told you in that thread, he is working on an achievements plugin. It takes time to code proper plugins. So, if you do not have the skills yourself, then you’ll need to be patient and wait for it to be released.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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