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Ideas to handle “Request a Feature/Report a Bug” on a BP site

  • Mike Pratt


    Putting this question to the forum:

    if you’re considering/doing this: Within the framework of a BP install, how would you handle giving members the ability to both/either report a bug or request a feature in your implementation of BP? I am brainstorming ideas to meet my needs, no require too much custom hacking and not over think it (fat chance) too much.

    Wish List:

    1. require login

    2. pull in member info automatically (good for me and easy for user)

    3. build some nice fields w/ a drop down or 2 ( a la cForms II)

    4. might be good to keep a list available to everyone to avoid dupes but this site isn’t a dev site, just want people to be able to report issues and make suggestions…easily


    1. Could use cForms but would lack a site record for users (promotes dupes) and not sure you can pull member info in either

    2. Could create a Group and make it a focused topic list ( is there that much control over one group in particular? can you feature a group and make it sticky? disable that group’s wire? and so on)

    3. Considered a separate bbPress install on it’s own page limited to just these two topics. This might be easiest. Not sure if it’s good for bug reporting.

    Thanks for all your insight.


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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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