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If you have performance issues

  • levin



    Recently, I have time to investigate on my servers memory usage, I found that most of wordpress running site was taken about 20MB to 30MB memory, and the buddypress site is 60MB (WHAO!).

    Actually, it still not yet hit the bottleneck what i seen in daily, becoz they’re not busy site, but somewhat when i try to stress it with 50 concurrent user loading on the BP site, it was unbelievable slow!


    Without questioning it, there may hitting some setup issue.

    1. Looking at the vmstat

    It’s quite normal, without all the way high, swap is not in use. Eliminate the memory problem is not server-wide.

    2. Looking at the iostat

    It’s quite normal, without R/W all the time. Eliminate the I/O issue is not server-wide.

    3. Looking at the MySQL CPU usage.

    Stress it with 50 concurrent, monitor with “top”, mysql process still not bumped up yet.

    Eliminate SQL query issue.

    4. PHP itself.

    Memory limit is 300MB, exec time is 180. ZendOptimizer 3.3.9 enabled

    5. Apache

    25 min spare server

    75 max spare server

    256 max client

    Stress it again.. 12 httpd process, they all didn’t bumped up to 100%CPU


    It was PHP code run-time performance, once I switch the Optimizer to eAccelerator, the performance just come back at once.

    WP from 20MB to 10MB

    BP from 60MB to 17MB (WHAO!!!)

    It’s not conclude that ZendOptimizer is suck, but eAccelerator with WP/BP is greater.


    Monitor your WP/BP memory usage:

    Put this in your theme footer.php

    <?php echo memory_get_usage() . “\n”; ?>

    How to install eAccelerator:

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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