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I’ll try again but this time ask nicely….PLEASE sort the spam ON HERE

  • phos flip


    I think @hnla missed the point by a very large margin by closing this thread:

    by stating “There are some detailed thread on the support groups that list a great many steps that can be taken, please have a look through those and perhaps implement a few recommendations.
    Closing this thread.”

    Can I humbly suggest that you read through those “detailed threads on the support groups” and take note of the “great many steps that can be taken” and REMOVE THE SPAM FROM THIS SITE!!

    My post was about the spam on HERE. I love buddypress, but a lot of the time I need to come on here and search through the discussions but this is IMPOSSIBLE because every search I try just lists page after page of spam.

    The irony is that rather than getting on and removing spam, taking measures to prevent it etc. you instead close a thread preventing people from discussing it! So the spammers are free to spam, but people having a moan about the spam can’t discuss it?!

    I don’t want to moan or sound as though I don’t appreciate the work that goes in to developing buddypress and looking after this site – I do – very much. But as I said in the previous post it does give a bad impression when the buddypress site here is full of spam and is almost unusable from the perspective of searching through and trying to learn from others peoples experience.

    I appreciate that @DJPaul mentions the issue is something to do with sharing the database with other WP sites and thanks for the reply – but “we don’t have magic wand”? I’d kind of hope for a more technical solution than the magic wand, or failing that at least some good old fashioned deleting of accounts and posts…….

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  • I missed no point I closed the thread in response to the last to post to it, they were remarking on the level of spam they get on their site.

    The thread had no plausible benefit, as stated there are detailed threads on measures one can take and that should be read to simply re-state what we all are aware of can become a little tedious.

    As for your post here, equally I see no real virtue or benefit in it do you not think all the regulars and core devs are not aware of the issue or that people like myself that spend a considerable amount of time on the site aren’t driven to distraction by it? Or that we have not mentioned it often and repeatedly and that there perhaps are reasons that direct and swift action can’t be taken.

    So sorry but you are wrong to contradict my actions I was not preventing discussion just discussion revolving a subject that simply goes nowhere. We are aware of the issue! Also please bear in mind that this site is manned with volunteers all working away and busy, deleting threads and accounts becomes a very irksome task.

    Technically given what I have said I ought to close this thread, but that would just piss you off wouldn’t it ? ;)

    phos flip


    To be frank it wouldn’t piss me off any more than trying to navigate through the spam on here.

    Fair point that maybe my opinions have no value on here and certainly offer nothing to help. You did however prevent discussion, and it much as I don’t doubt there are powerful minds already at work on the issue that doesn’t mean it isn’t possible somebody else might have a helpful suggestion to make given the opportunity to discuss.

    I did try to search for relevant threads – all I got was results of spam though ;-)

    Naughty naughty please don’t put words in my mouth, Fair point that maybe my opinions have no value on here never said they didn’t . did, though, express my opinion that I saw no value in your post here on this subject, your opinions are as worthy as any I’m sure.

    I left this thread open so that discussion could continue rather than lock it in woeful abuse of power :)

    Now look those flipping spammers have caused more strife and anguish is there no end to their vile actions, if this wasn’t a public forum I would take pleasure in describing just what a bunch of *** **** those *** are and **** their **** lives – fill in the blanks ** shrug**

    phos flip



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