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I’m stuck, please help

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    I have installed wordpressmu a few times now, as the first few times I thought I had installed it wrong.

    This time after installing, I followed the directions, created a new blog, made a post, and a comment. Everything seemed to work perfectly.

    Then I installed bussypress, and it’s all messed up.


    1. When I click on a blog ‘shawn’s thoughts’ instead of going to the link stays right where it is. *(This did NOT happen prior to installing buddy press)

    2. If I manually goto I get the following error:

    To enable the blog directory you must drop the “plugin-template.php” file into your theme directory.

    Can someone look at my demo site to see what is wrong?

    I’m guessing it’s a simple fix somewhere


    buddypress demo:

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    Now when I click on ‘create a blog’ I end up at my profile page.

    I’ve got this install all messed up now.,

    The worst part is now I can’t figure out how to remove buddypress so I can go back to troubleshooting the problem. Even if I change theme’s for my main acct, I still have buddypress bars etc…

    I’m totally stumped now, please help if anyone has the time to look.

    Burt Adsit


    It’s difficult to really determine this but from what I can gather about what you are trying to do

    You are trying to get mu installed in a subdirectory called /blog/blogs under the document root of a live, existing wp 2.6.5 install.

    The existing live install has the it’s domain mapped to /blog (not /blogs) where the wp 2.6.5 actually resides.

    I didn’t see any evidence of buddypress so you must have been successful in uninstalling it while you get mu up and running.

    It looks like you have chosen the subdirectory install option for mu.

    Is all this guessing right? I don’t know. I hope your live site stays up and running throughout this and I look forward to you reporting back with success.



    This is random, but if I were to give an educated guess–it seems like the toughest part to comprehend initially might be that you don’t put the member themes under the themes file (directory) you put them in wp-contents. Just a guess, hope you figure it out and have fun…

    And also, is it possible that you were using the kubrick theme as your home theme instead of the BuddyPress Home Theme? That would give the plugin error.

    Also to remove buddypress just remove all contents from mu-plugins and restore your theme to Kubrick.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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