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Image Competition on BuddyPress

  • Hello dear Buddypress community, let me alert you that I’m a newbie in this field.

    I’m also a young wordpress developer, and I’m developing this website – and I’d like to know if I could achieve the same result through a buddypress installation. I mean, would it be possible to develop a website that looks like mine with buddypress functionality on the backoffice?

    If yes, please let me know which plugins I must or mustn’t use, I’d really love to receive tips from you.
    Many thanks in advance,

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  • Any ideas, community?!

    On a cursory glance, yes you could work BP into your WP site, BP is simply a plugin for WP that extends WP to include social media aspects such as user profiles, site wide activity streams, user groups. You may want to install plugins such as BP Album+ to handle media , cubepoints for BP, or perhaps Achievements.

    You’re best off setting up a test install and working BP into your theme using the template pack plugin to help integrate BP files into your child theme – a guide on this is found in the BP codex, then run through the various features of your existing site and see whether they function as is as WP aspects or whether you need to use more specific BP plugins that are BP aware, theres a good list of available plugins under the ‘Extend’ tab

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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